Focused on treating the most compromised pets!



Foreign Body Removal
Penetrating Wound Repair
Urinary Obstruction Surgery
Toxic Ingestion
Mass Removals


Management of medical and surgical needs for exotic patients


Suture Removal
Post-Operative Plan

Unfortunately, emergencies happen, and sometimes lifesaving surgical intervention is required in order to save pets. Our dedicated nursing staff and doctors have advanced training and are focused on treating the most compromised pets. Whether severely ill or injured, Absecon Veterinary Hospital is equipped to act quickly and effectively.
In life-threatening situations, surgery can mean the difference between life and death. Absecon Veterinary Hospital is always ready to act when surgery is required.
  • Emergency Surgery
  • Gastric and Intestinal Foreign Body Removal
  • Management of Trauma
  • Toxic Ingestions
  • Management of exotic patient medical and surgical needs
  • Traumatic Emergency Surgery, Penetrating Wounds
  • Urinary Obstruction Surgery
  • And more!                    
 We can accommodate surgical emergencies by referral outside of normal business hours, and your veterinarian can reach us at any time for emergency procedures. From diagnosis to after-care, our compassionate and highly trained team will inform you of all your options and remain in close touch with your family veterinarian. You and your pet will receive the highest level of care with us.