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    Fill out all below information carefully. At this time, we are allowing one client into the building with their pet for exams. When you arrive at the hospital, call the office to check in. A team member will escort you into the building. If you are more comfortable remaining curbside, we are happy to accommodate that! If you have any questions, please call the office at 609-646-7013.
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  • As an American Animal Hospital Association Accredited practice, we recommend lab work annually on dogs and cats. This gives us a comprehensive look at their health. Our pets cannot tell us how they are feeling, but having an awareness through physical exams, bloodwork, etc. are the best ways to ensure they live long, healthy lives.

    We work closely with our diagnostic labratory to provide affordable pricing of lab tests.

    What tests might my veterinarian run?

    Several tests are routinely performed when blood work is
    recommended. They may include:

    • A complete blood count (CBC) can identify infection,
      inflammation and anemia.
    • A complete blood chemistry panel, including
      electrolytes, provides information about your pet’s liver,
      kidneys and pancreas as well as other functions of the
      body, such as blood sugar and hydration.
    • A urinalysis identifies an infection or inflammation in
      the urinary tract.
    • A thyroid function test detects whether or not your
      pet’s thyroid gland is functioning properly. Thyroid
      disease is very common in older cats and dogs.
    • A fecal test allows veterinarians to check your pet
      for intestinal parasites, which may live in your pet’s
      gastrointestinal tract. Since they are usually hidden
      from view, the only way to detect the presence of
      most intestinal parasites and identify them is by doing
      a fecal test.
    • Infectious disease screening identifies if your pet has
      been exposed to parasitic diseases, such as tick-borne
      diseases, heartworm or other infectious diseases. This is commonly referred to as a 4DX and fecal.

    Your veterinarian may recommend additional tests.

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