Helping People, Helping Pets

Financial assistance options  Below please find resources and options for pet owners who may be struggling to pay for their pet’s care. 

The Brown Dog Foundation 
Working class Income within 3X Federal Poverty scale; or social security receipients, or impoverished pet owners at or below Federal Poverty guidelines. No advance treatment or reimbursements for treatment. Need proof that animal is in need; need proof of adoption/purchase, Vet records and rabies certificate for two consecutive terms. Need to fully complete online application process. 

Compassionate Assistance Program
Low income owner. Must be willing to feed low-carb canned food only diet (Compassionate Assistance Program can provide food), Must be willing to learn how to test blood glucose at home, be willing to join and be active on online forum for regular dosinig advise. Need copy of Vet’s scripted. Must supply picture of cat.

The Mosby Foundation
Does NOT cover diagnostics, testing, CT scans, x-rays,, routine care, or tx already performed. Not equipped to respond to emergency situations. Pet  MUST be spayed/neutered prior to tx or scheduled for spay/neuter during tx. For dogs that are sick, injured, abused, or neglected.

National Frankie’s Friends Fund
Grants to family owned pets in need of Lifesaving Emergency or Specialty Veterinary Care whose caregivers cannot afford full cost of treatment where the pet would otherwise suffer, be euthanized, or relinquished without proper vet care. Must have clear dx before applying and estimate of cost for tx. Owner must pay for exam, assessments, and diagnostics. Prognosis must be good. This foundation asks Veterinarian to provide 25% discount in addition to funding from Frankie’s. If pet is in imminent danger, this fund will not work. It takes some time for approval.

The Pet Fund 
Not available for emergencies. Does not pay directly to owner/Only to Vet. Need copy of written estimate, and Vet’s name, address, and medical license number. 
Red Rover Relief/Urgent Care Grant 
Low income individuals or survivors of domestic abuse and their pets. Available to only ONE animal in need per family; must have dx and tx plan in advance; animals must be spayed/neutered or be spayed/neutered during tx; treatment MUST be pending (not already completed); Must apply online.