Individualized, professional & immediate attention!

If Your Pet needs emergency care,
you can count on us!

I am so grateful for the life-saving equipment and amazing veterinary staff. Within seconds the team got to work and saved my Hoshi!
Diana D.
Hoshi's Mom
LIFESAVERS! If it weren't for Dr. Vittorelli and team, my Ellie would not be here with me today. I'm forever grateful!
Jerry M.
Ellie's Dad
From the moment you walk into the hospital until the time you leave you will experience nothing but compassion and reassurance. Truly the A-Team!
Brian B.
Rocky's Dad
Our emergency care includes a complete in-house laboratory, radiology, and surgical suite to address your pet’s emergency needs. Our goal is to treat the emergency and begin your pet’s recovery process as quickly as possible.
  • Emergency Surgery
  • Gastric & Intestinal Foreign Body Removal
  • Management of Trauma
  • Toxic Ingestions
  • Management of Exotic Patient Medical and Surgical Needs
  • Traumatic Emergency Surgery
  • Penetrating Wounds
  • Urinary Obstruction Surgery
  • & More
Cases may be seen in order of medical priority rather than in order of their arrival to the clinic. We hope you will understand the need for a priority system, and be rest-assured that each patient will receive individualized professional attention.
  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea – more than 2 episodes in a 24-hour period
  • Refusal to drink for 24 hours or more
  • Choking, difficulty breathing or nonstop coughing and gagging
  • Bleeding from nose, mouth, rectum, coughing up blood, or blood in urine
  • Severe bleeding or bleeding that doesn’t stop within 5 minutes
  • Inability to urinate or pass feces (stool), or obvious pain associated with urinating or passing stool
  • Injuries to your pet’s eye(s)
  • Seizures and/or staggering
  • Unconsciousness
  • Open wounds or lacerations
  • Fractured bones, severe lameness or inability to move leg(s)
  • Obvious signs of pain or extreme anxiety
  • Heat stress or heatstroke
  • You suspect or know your pet has eaten something poisonous
DOWNLOAD: What to expect when your pet is hospitalized handout

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