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Absecon Veterinary Hospital works with the best pet-friendly community partners in New Jersey and beyond! We welcome pet-friendly partners including: housing complexes, bars & restaurants, rescue organizations, police & fire, stores, vendors, hotels and more!

Partner incentives include, but are not limited to: new client offers, discounted care (with submission of 501c3 paperwork), co-branding opportunities and more!.

We proudly partner with The Seeing Eye
The Seeing Eye is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to enhance the independence, dignity, and self-confidence of blind people through the use of Seeing Eye® dogs. The Seeing Eye’s vision is to be recognized for sustained excellence and continuous improvement as the best guide dog school to attend and to support, as a donor, volunteer, puppy raiser, or employee.
Absecon Veterinary Hospital is proud to introduce AVH University!
AVH University allows our hospital to be a teaching facility for the students who have signed up!
Here are some of the facts about AVH University:
  • Students will work while they learn at AVH.
  • AVH will hold formal classes for educating our new staff.
  • We have 6 teachers who have training in providing best-practice Adult Instruction across six departments: Foundational Studies, General Practice, In Hospital, ER, Surgery, and Exotics.
  • We have three semesters per year, and courses run for either 12 or 24 weeks.
  • We are creating a formal classroom and Student Resource Center.
Have we piqued your interest in joining AVH University or learning more?! Feel free to email cscheurich@abseconvet.com to learn more. We cannot wait to share more information as our classes happen!
AVH is sponsoring a new program called Senior – to – Senior! This program promotes the adoption of senior kitties to senior citizens through Only Maine Coons Rescue. Potential adopters will be contacted by OMC staff to discuss potential matches after filling out the application CLICK HERE
The Senior kitties available are ages 8 & up. Some cats have special needs ranging from mild to moderate level needs. Such as special diets, daily oral or topical meds, or daily insulin. Adopters will financially support the kitty through vetting, medication, food, litter, and housing. AVH will provide the adopter with a 25% discount off all veterinary services.
Only Maine Coon staff will be available to provide support to the adopters for individualized care of the kitty. Also, there is no transfer or adoption fee. 
For more information, potential adopters can visit www.omcrescue.org or email info@omcrescue.org.

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