Our veterinarians feel it motivates pet parents to improve and maintain their pet’s health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors. Our staff is passionate about client education and are happy to share these resources so you have access to the best information straight from the vet at your fingertips!


Clinical Behavioral Medicine For Small Animals 410-412

Clinical Behavioral Medicine For Small Animals 413-423

Controversy Regarding Early Spay/Neuter In Large Breed Dogs

Congratulations On Your New Puppy

House Training

Marker Training

Fearful Dogs

Socializing Your Puppy

Basket Muzzles

Chocolate Is Not For Dogs


Cat Training

Environmental Enrichment For Cats

Feline Inappropriate Elimination & Marking

Medication For Urine Marking & Anxiety In Cats

Fearful Cats

Choosing A Trainer

Cold Weather Safety

Recommended Cat Carriers


Nail Trims

Rabies Advisory Notice

Sleeping Respiratory Rates

Quality Of Life Pets

Help Your Pet Win The War Against Fleas

Home Pet Health Check

Is Your Pet Over 40?

Free Style Libre

Summer Scorchers


Unsafe Foods For Birds

Avian Training

Avian Body Language

Caging The Companion Parrot

Feeding Your Pet A Healthy Diet

Foraging Behavior In Companion Parrots

Preparing Your Home For You New Baby Bird

Household Dangers

Preparing Your Home For You New Baby Bird

Reading Bird Body Language

Signs Of Illness In Pet Birds

Unsafe Foods For Birds

Training Basic Skills


How To Pill Your Cat

How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails

How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

How To Trim Your Bird’s Nails

How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

How To Administer Eye Medications

How To Trim Your Cat’s Nails
How To Pill Your Dog
How To Administer SQ Fluids

How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Additional Resources

Ingrid has created an entire series of educational video material to help you and your cats. Everything from trimming your cat’s nails, to foraging videos, examples of normal cat behavior and even some clicker training clips can all be viewed here.