Quality Veterinary Services in East Atlantic County NJ

Quality Veterinary Services in East Atlantic County NJ

Absecon Veterinary Hospital offers a wide array of medical services for all pets. Whether providing routine wellness care, surgery, or treatment for a sick companion, we approach every case with compassion and attention to each patient’s individual needs. Below is a list of veterinary services available at the hospital. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request additional information.

Pet Wellness Care and Vaccinations

It’s true that prevention really is the best cure. Bringing your pet in for regular wellness checks is the most effective way to ensure no problem goes unnoticed and that your companion stays safely protected from disease with necessary vaccinations.

Puppy and kitten care

Giving a new pet his or her first round of shots is important, but so is communicating with your veterinarian to learn about proper care at home. Let us help you make the most of your time with a new animal family member through wellness care and professional guidance on immunizations, spays and neuters, and the issues that affect puppies and kittens most.

Pet microchipping

Having your pet painlessly fitted with a chip is a great way to ensure that a runaway doesn't turn into a loss. It can help you reunite with a lost pet anywhere in the country through HomeAgain pet recovery.

Dog and cat dental care

With a complete veterinary dental suite, we are able to provide high-quality cleanings and surgical extractions of bad teeth as needed. Our veterinarians will also be happy to offer information and advice on effective home dental care for your pet.

Behavioral consultation

Difficult pet behaviors can be a serious issue for you and your family. We offer professional help and puppy kindergarten classes to get problem behaviors under control so you can enjoy your animal’s company to the fullest.

Veterinary dermatology and allergy testing

Skin conditions are sometimes the result of allergic reactions to food or environmental factors. Absecon Veterinary Hospital has tests on hand to diagnose and treat uncomfortable conditions of your pet’s skin and coat.

Pet oncology (cancer care)

Cancer is never easy for your pet family member—or you. However, our compassionate veterinarians and staff have the training and experience to deal with this difficult disease in the best possible way through treatment and consultation.

Veterinary diagnostics

A full in-house laboratory, digital X-rays, ultrasound, and endoscopy make up our comprehensive pet diagnostic abilities. Using the best equipment available, our veterinarians work quickly to get your pet the treatment he or she needs.

Veterinary pharmacy

A complete veterinary pharmacy on-site means you won’t have to make a second stop for your pet’s medications. We carry a range of pharmaceuticals, parasite preventives, and prescription pet foods.

Pet cardiology

We can provide cardiac-related services and treatment, including electrocardiogram (ECG).

Animal nutritional counseling

Choosing the right diet for your pet can make a lasting difference in his or her health and quality of life. Let us help you pick the best foods to keep your furry friend feeling great.

Veterinary eye care (ophthalmology)

We diagnose and treat many basic eye conditions in pets, ranging from difficulty seeing to degenerative issues.

Pet emergency and critical care

The critical care unit is open to provide urgent treatment and hospitalization of your animal companion when he or she needs it most. Serious illness and injury can be quickly treated here. We also provide intensive care and monitoring for pets in recovery. For emergency pet care outside of our business hours, please contact Red Bank Veterinary Hospital for 24-hour urgent care.

Soft tissue and orthopedic pet surgery

Our veterinarians are able to perform safe, effective pet surgeries including spays and neuters, mass removals, exploratory procedures and basic orthopedics.

Minimally invasive veterinary surgery

Utilizing advanced imaging equipment and laparoscopes, the professional clinicians of Absecon Veterinary Hospital can perform many surgeries in a noninvasive manner, resulting in faster recovery time and a lessened impact on your pet’s system.

Pet pain management and laser therapy

Stamping out pain in our patients is a top priority in every case. We use a variety of pain management techniques to make sure your pet never experiences discomfort when in our care, and we can also offer prescription medications through our own pharmacy.

Senior pet care

Your animal friend will require special care as he or she ages. To help you understand the changing needs of an aging pet family member, our veterinarians offer care consultation as part of regular senior pet wellness checks. Complete care for your senior animal companion may also include geriatric blood work and further testing to keep tabs on his or her health.

End-of-life care

Seeing a pet’s final days of life is never easy. Let us offer you a helping hand to guide you through this difficult process and make the best possible decisions for your animal companion and your family.

Exotic pet care

Our veterinarians are happy to offer professional help and provide basic wellness services for your exotic pet or small bird.