Full Diagnostic Testing for Pets

Full Diagnostic Testing for Pets

at Absecon Veterinary Hospital

Diagnostic testing is an important part of veterinary care and a crucial way for veterinarians to identify and treat problems in a pet family member. The more information we can obtain on your pet’s condition, the more accurate our diagnosis will be. Absecon Veterinary Hospital has the capability to run complete diagnostic tests under our own roof, and we can perform more advanced diagnostics by utilizing outside laboratories and referral pet hospitalswith whom we are affiliated.

Diagnostics offered at Absecon Veterinary Hospital include:

  • Full in-house veterinary lab—We are able to perform full blood chemistries, complete blood cell counts, electrolyte analysis, and urinalysis within minutes to start treatment for your pet immediately. We can also evaluate cytologies, fecal samples, and run blood typing and coagulation studies in addition to many other basic tests in-house.
  • Digital pet X-rays—Digital radiographs greatly enhance our ability to evaluate your pet’s musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. This technology can produce highly detailed pictures in a very short period of time. It is also easily compatible with telemedicine, which enables our veterinarians to send images to specialists for consultation or referral as needed.
  • Veterinary ultrasound—Ultrasound technology utilizes sound waves to form images of internal health processes in a noninvasive manner. This technique is especially useful for evaluating the heart, abdominal organs, and reproductive system. Ultrasound images can also be sent remotely to specialists anywhere in the country for second opinions.
  • Digital dental X-rays for pets—By providing diagnostic information about processes occurring below the gum line, X-rays greatly enhance the quality of dental care your pet can receive. Digital X-ray is even better, for all of the reasons outlined above. Together, digital dental X-rays make for the most thorough and accurate imaging of your pet’s mouth, allowing our veterinarians to better assess the health and integrity of each tooth.
  • Veterinary telemedicine—In all diagnostic imaging services, telemedicine may be used to quickly transfer results to a specialist or other veterinary professional for further evaluation or referral. This is useful in treating all patients, but is especially helpful when providing care for exotic pets and birds—pets that quite often will require the expertise of a certified exotic or avian vet for advanced care.
  • Pet endoscopy—Endoscopes utilize fiber optic technology for examination of your pet’s oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, or small intestine. This allows for biopsies to be taken and foreign objects to be removed in a minimally invasive manner.