Comprehensive Pain Management

Comprehensive Pain Management

& Therapeutic Laser Treatment for Pets

Pets feel pain just like people do. At Absecon Veterinary Hospital, when a patient is experiencing pain due to injury, illness, or surgery, we always do our very best to provide the most effective relief possible.

Our pet pain management strategies are multi-faceted and consist of:

  • Recognizing pain wherever it exists—Though animals do not express pain like we do, ourveterinarians and staff can detect the subtle signs that your pet may not be feeling well. Our first priority is to accurately assess the level of pain your pet may be experiencing.
  • Preventing pain whenever possible—We utilize techniques to stop pain in your companion before it occurs. This is accomplished using analgesics prior to surgeries and other procedures and by incorporating nerve blocks whenever applicable.
  • Pharmacological intervention—There are many safe and effective pet pain medications available through our own pharmacy that can help alleviate pain in countless situations. These may include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids, and pain-fighting steroids.
  • Alternative pain relief strategies—Many dietary supplements and other therapeutic remedies exist that can help relieve pain for your pet. We believe in utilizing these in conjunction with other pain management strategies to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible.

Pet Laser Therapy

An emerging point of interest in the veterinary world, therapeutic lasers have been growing in popularity due to their noted effectiveness in treating many forms of pain in animal companions.
Using nothing more than harmless flashes of infrared light, pet laser therapy facilitates recovery and speeds healing by sparking activity in the blood, nerves, and tissue in a specific area of the body. The result is a positive impact on inflammation of all sorts, even arthritis. Restored mobility to stiff limbs, shorter recovery following a surgery or injury, and general analgesic pain relief are all proven outcomes of therapeutic laser treatment sessions for pets.
Absecon Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer your animal companion a diverse range of options when it comes to keeping pain at bay. We work hard to keep our patients comfortable at all times and invite you tocontact us if you’d like to speak with a staff member about the many ways we can help make sure pain is never something that you and your pet will have to deal with.