Compassionate Pet Boarding Services

Compassionate Pet Boarding Services

for East Atlantic County Dogs, Cats & Birds

Absecon Veterinary Hospital provides high-quality boarding options to any of our canine, feline, and avian patients. Boarding services at the hospital go above and beyond what pet owners would consider the basics, with modern amenities to meet the unique needs and preferences of each guest as well as the added advantage of full medical support available at all times during your pet’s stay. Special needs and supervised boarding are our specialty.

Our Pet Boarding Facilities

We hold our kennels to the very same standards of excellence as any other area of our practice. Pets are treated to a clean, safe, and supportive environment where they are given plenty of space to move around, exercise, and rest as needed. Dogs have their own soft surfaces for lounging and sleeping in individual runs, while cats enjoy unique multi-level cat condos. Dogs can also partake in a ½-acre fenced-in yard space where they may roam free for some off-leash playtime.
To minimize stress on your animal companion and to help ensure the safety of our guests, cats and dogs are kept separated in all boarding areas. It is very important to us that your pet family member remains comfortable, and we work hard to make sure the needs of each pet and pet owner are met in full.

Pets and Special Accommodations

Should your pet require special care in the form of regular medications, a prescription diet, or other treatment, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are more than happy to accommodate him or her in every way.
Our staff can also use and keep track of any toys, treats, blankets, foods, or other items brought from home that may improve the quality of your pet’s stay with us.
Above all, it is our goal to make sure your companion has a great time while he or she is in our care, and that you as an owner never have to think twice about the well-being of your cherished family member. Please get in touch to speak with us regarding pet boarding services at Absecon Veterinary Hospital or to book your cat, dog, or bird’s next stay in our excellent facility.